Alumni Board of Directors

The Paul Smith’s College Alumni Association will foster lifelong support
for the mission of the college by engaging and promoting the Paul Smith’s College experience through a spirit of friendship, loyalty and sharing among alumni, community and friends.  

The Paul Smith's College Alumni Board of Directors is composed of alumni and exists to be of service to alumni and support the college. There is a 24-member Alumni Board of elected representatives, as well as non-voting members, called the Alumni Council. 

Thomas Rosol '74, President
Scott VanLaer '93, Vice President

Alan Schwartz '62, Treasurer
Russell Kuhles '90Secretary 

Darrell Austen '94
William Burns '49
R. Justin Demers '02
Peter Frank '83
Michael Heller '03
Cory Hoffman '09
Karen Klimbach Frank '83
F. Joseph McCranels '54
Maureen Morgan '83
Patricia Pastella '83
Anthony Pernisi '16
Matthew Purcell '78
Daniel Richards '89
Haley Sylvan '13
Andrea Urmston '89
Russell Wagner '05





Alyson Bennett '81

Stuart Buchanan '72
James Burtis '55
Brenda Crane '76
David Eaton '61
Ellen Eshchuk '75
Norman Fedder '69 
Irene Haines '62
Ward Mack '66
John Maille '82
Richard Newell '48
Frederick Oberst '63
David O'Brien '63
Melissa Uhlik '76
Martha Watts '77
Michael Wirth '75

*as of October 14, 2018


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