Alumni Board of Directors

The Paul Smith’s College Alumni Association will foster lifelong support
for the mission of the college by engaging and promoting the Paul Smith’s College experience through a spirit of friendship, loyalty and sharing among alumni, community and friends.  

The Paul Smith's College Alumni Board of Directors is composed of alumni and exists to be of service to alumni and support the college. There is a 24-member Alumni Board of elected representatives. 

Board of Directors
Matthew Purcell ’78, President
Daniel Richards ’89, 1st Vice President
Scott van Laer ’93, 2nd Vice President

Peter Frank ’83, Secretary
Maureen Morgan ’83, Treasurer

Darrell Austen ’94

Tara Butcher ’01
Joseph D’Urso ’98
William Farnham ’98
Karen Frank ’83
Michael Heller ’03
Donald Jones ’00
F. Joseph McCranels ’54
Timothy McLaughlin ’02
Patrick Mercurio ’07
Pam Nobles ’77
Patricia Pastella ’83
Andrew Quinn ’83
Christpher Reuther '04
Emily Segada ’20

Andrea Urmston ’89
Russell Wagner ’05           

                                      * as of July 24, 2021


















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