The Brandon Jarvis Memorial Fund for Student Mental & Emotional Health

Brandon Jarvis was just 18 years old, a freshman majoring in Natural Resource Conservation and Management in the fall of 2021 who tragically died by suicide. He was from Bethany, Connecticut. Brandon left behind his mother Sandra and his father Michael as well as other family and friends. He had dreamed of becoming a Game Warden and chose Paul Smith’s College because of his endless love of the outdoors. While here, he made friends and hiked and explored the Adirondacks. He was known for his kindhearted smile, witty humor, and gentle personality. Those he left behind made it their mission to prevent a loss like Brandon’s in the future by providing mental and emotional health support to as many students as possible.  

The Brandon Jarvis Memorial Fund for Student Mental & Emotional Health shall be used to provide resources including, but not limited to, presentations, counseling services, and mental and emotional health awareness programs for the students of Paul Smith’s College. The funds shall be used to help reach as many students as possible to provide them with resources, skills, and support to manage emotional health and navigate emotional challenges, including grief and loss to support their mental and emotional well-being.

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