Class Representatives

If Paul Smith's College and your experiences there are important to you, becoming a Class Representative is a way for YOU to play an important role for Paul Smith's College!

You will be happy to learn that being a Class Representative is easy.  Through the program, you will promote PSC activities and foster good will among alumni for the benefit of the college. How will you do this? Here are a few activities you can participate in:

  • Sending letters to your classmates on anniversary years to encourage attendance at Reunion
  • Recruiting new students by visiting campus and/or a college fair near you
  • Attending alumni events and/or other college-sponsored events
  • Just chatting and keeping in touch with your fellow former classmates

Need something? Just ask for it! The Alumni Office can send you a class list, take care of mailings and announcements, and work with you to strengthen class bonds. With more than one Class Representative per class, there will be others to help you.  The activities you will perform for the college can take as little or as much time as you like, but the benefits they will yield for the college will be immeasurable.

Please consider this important and rewarding role to help build strong bonds between you, your classmates, and Paul Smith's College. If you are interested, just contact the Alumni Office and they can start the ball rolling! Thanks for considering this. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Committee with any questions.

Class reps serve as leaders of their class, especially during reunion years and alumni campaigns. They write letters and make phone calls to encourage attendance at reunion each summer, and also encourage giving to the Annual Fund and alumni challenges.

Richard   Newell '48   Ruth Weston Woodward '51
J. Richard   Owens '53   Joseph   McCranels '54
Mervin   Stevens '56   Donald   Perryman '57
John   Rebstock '58   Kearney   Sheirich '59
Brent   Teillon '60   Diane Shetler Aitken '61
Frederick   Oberst '63   David   O'Brien '63
Marie Cone Butler '65   Lyle   Frank '65
Albert   Trexler '65   Ward   Mack '66
Michael   Mikulan '66   Robert   Escheman '67
Thomas   Sherman '67   Charles   Montalbano '68
Norman   Fedder '69   Kurt   Mullick '69
Edward   Hierling '70   Fred   Weld '70
James   Voorhies '72   Cathy Andrews Fuller '73
Frank   Barrera '74   James   Slodki '75
Joseph   Szumski '75   Charles   Comeau '76
Mark   Resig '76   Melissa   Uhlik '76
Michael   Battaglia '77   Gail BeGasse Fisher '77
Martha Lang Watts '77   Kevin   Dougherty '78
Lori Wahl Lamica-Nelson '78   Matthew   Purcell '78
Holly Balzer Balzer-Harz '79   William   Murray '79
Kenneth   Paur '79   Kelly   Buck '80
Lee   Homyock '80   B. Randy   Sadlon '80
Joann   DeTraglia '81   John   D’Adamo '82
Katherine Lynch Redder '82   Karen Klimbach Frank '83
Peter   Frank '83   Maureen Connor Morgan '83
Patricia   Pastella '83   Andrew   Quinn '83
Tom   Gehrig '84   Stephen   Schifley '85
Neil   Smith '85   Kathleen Miller Gowen '86
Lisa Williams Williamson '86   Amy Casler Rasmussen '87
Eric   Rasmussen '87   John   Stephens '87
Tracey   Caponera '88   Jennifer   Jeffery '88
Daniel   Richards '89   Andrea Dewey Urmston '89
Caroline McLean Burnett '90   Caroline McLean Burnett '90
Sarah Parker Lewin '90   Russell   Kuhles '90
John   Gregg '92   Pamela Henderson Freeman '91
Philip   Flath '93   Denise Reynolds Lalley '92
Scott   van Laer '93   Loretta Liuzzo Martin '93
Darrell   Austen '94   Daniel   Allen '94
Joel   Rodgers '94   Daniel   Palladino '94
Gerard   Nardone '96   Norbert   Kupinski '95
Joseph   D'Urso '98   Darren   Pondiscio '97
Antonius   Rivera '99   Tracey Patch Parkhurst '98
Jeffrey   Krempa '00   Donald   Jones '00
Amy Horridge Mitschke '00   Mary Beth Eaton Kresse '00
Michelle Price Desautels '01   Tara   Butcher '01
Raymond   Demers '02   Vicki Millick Fitzgerald '02
Timothy   McLaughlin '02   Gary   Gobin '03
Michael   Heller '03   Michael   Trump '03
Jodie Stark Eaddy '04   William   Root '04
Ann   Ritzel '05   Jennifer Hill Root '05
Russell   Wagner '05   Valerie Roberts Allard '06
Stephen   Ellis '06   Christina LaChausse Rode '06
Mallory   Victor '06   Benjamin   Grant '07
Patrick   Mercurio '07   Michelle Daus Schwendinger '08
Justin   VanDervort '08   Ashley   Flenard '09
Bethany   Garretson '09   Alexander   Kerr '09
Keith   Braun '10   Casey   Gerrish '10
Zachary   Luzzi '10   Gina Martin Pollock '10
Nicole Thompson Culyer '11   Zack   Rosenberg '11
Brandon   Bills '12   Christine   Blakeslee '12
Jesse   Hrycik '12   Michael   Cerasaro '13
Ashley   Rokjer '13   Chelsea Brodhead Tyszko '13
Rebekah Kruppenbacher Edmister '14   Theresa   Leclerc '14
Nicholas   Papa '14   Falon   Neske '15
Lisa   Zvingowaniseyi '15   Timothy   Blackburn '16
Jordan   Merry '16   Anthony   Pernisi '16
Juliana   Vicari '16   Maria   Urban '17
Steven   Vincent '17   Marissa   Ciurleo '18
Tyler   Fisk '18   Kayla   King '18
Donovan   Miller '19   Rachel   Serfilippi '19
Daniel   D'Apice '20   Randy   Martinez '20
Emily   Segada '20          

*as of October 26, 2020

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